NICPP Level 0: Certified Project Professionals (CPP)




6.00 Hours.





The NICPP Level 0 provides the basics of Program/Project Management (PM) for infrastructure projects. Conceptualized as “InBoK+” the certification shall align a candidate with the foundational overview of Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge (InBoK) and allied concepts in infrastructure.

Advocated and designed by the veterans in the industry, academia and also practiced at leading infrastructure consultancies/construction firms around the globe- Level 0 shall strengthen a candidate’s foundations in program/project management in the infrastructure sector.

Ideal for beginners and professionals alike, candidates from any academic background can undergo this certification program.


This non-mandatory 06-hour training course is an amalgamation of presentation-based learning, supportive case studies and self-assessment at the end of each section.

Training consists of twenty-seven distinct modules of  Program and Project Management:
Program Management:

  • Program Procurement and Contract Management

  • Program Benefit Management

  • Program Governance

  • Program Planning and Scheduling

  • Program Economics and Financial Management

  • Program Monitoring and Control

  • Program Contract Management

  • Program Quality Assurance

  • Program Procurement and Contract Management

  • Program Change Management and Control

  • Constituent Project Initiation and Planning

  • Program Environment

  • Program concept

 Project Management: 

  • Constituent Project Initiation and Planning

  • Project Lifecycle Management

  • Project Governance

  • The role of Project Manager

  • Knowledge Management

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Project Monitoring and Control - Cost

  • Project Monitoring and Control - Time

  • Project Risk Management

  • Safety, Health, Environment, and Security

  • Project Quality Assurance

  • Project Change Management

  • Project Supply Chain Management

  • Project Close-Out and Knowledge Management


 The major objective of this course is to help the project professionals to: 

  • Understand the core concepts of program management and project Management from concept to close-out.

  • Comprehend the programmatic approach to large infrastructure projects.

  • Familiarize with international best practices to deal with interfaces, changes, and risks

  • Appreciate and apply project management tools and techniques to infrastructure projects

  • Become well equipped with knowledge and skills require for successful execution of infrastructure projects and programs


After the successful completion of the course, you will be having the knowledge of and skill to: 

  • Contribute to program design, implementation, and benefits realization of large infrastructure projects.

  • Involve in strategic aspects of project execution such pre-project planning, contract strategies, value creation and sustainability

  • Handle various work domains of constituent projects such as engineering, supply chain, health & Safety construction, and commissioning.

  • Monitor cost, schedule, changes, interfaces, and risks related to program implementation and project execution

  • Effectively close the programs and projects while assuring the desired outcomes and outputs.