Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene (WASH)




1.00 Hours.




 About the Course:

As the country is moving towards a new normal amidst COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need of specific standards/protocols for the business organizations, institutions etc. to ensure that they are able to operate safely.

The new normal will require following imperative priorities for the organizations/institutions:

  • Ensuring safe operations and workplace for safeguarding health and safety of employees, customers and public
  • Complying with all new COVID-19 related requirements from regulatory/health authorities and/or other Government bodies
  • Ensuring business continuity in operations to serve customers and protect businesses

    To help the organizations and institutions address these imperatives and for the benefit of citizens, QCI, along with industry stakeholders, has developed a harmonized standard “Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene” (WASH)” to help the organizations assess their preparedness to restart and run their operations safely.This training program is to assist organizations (Manufacturing, Service, Trade, etc.) and individuals learn the key elements that they need to understand and implement at their workplace in accordance with the WASH standard to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and ensure safe operations.

    Who can participate:

    •  Representatives of Government Ministries/Departments/Offices
    •  Representatives of Public/Private organizations(Manufacturing, Service,Education,Hospitality, Healthcare, IT/ITeS, Trade, etc.)
    •  Professionals including consultants, hygienists, and other related experts
    •  Business owners and top/senior management
    •  Functional heads, managers, supervisors and executives

    Learninig Out Come:
    After successful completion, participants will be able to:

    •  Understand the WASH Standard and its implementation
    •  Identify key elements of a safe workplace and operations with respect to the COVID-19 risks
    •  Implement the WASH Standard within the organization(s) for ensuring business continuity
    •  Safeguard the interest of staff/employees/contractors/supply chain/customers/society
    • Decide to undertake the WASH assessment by registered assessment agencies of QCI

    Note: This 1 hour course can be completed in 3 months.