Decision Making Simplified




4.50 Hours.




About the Course:

Whether we are buying or supplying to a company, making such a decision seems like a complex process and often people struggle with the process so much that they start depending on luck. But it’s not just luck. Understanding the buying process in detail can help a supplier make a pitch that can lead to a quick contract and also help him understand that he would need to manage many relationships and needs of various departments if he/she were to reduce the risk of business. However, if we are on the other side of the table and only cost calculation is the reason for out sourcing it could damage a company at many levels. Often this whole process looks very complicated and many explanations have been put forward, since a good answer was not possible with only one.However a consistent and less confusing process could be called a simpler one and we present here one such argument and step to achieve a more effective and simple decision process that can make the decision of buy or sell easy.

Note: This 4 hours 30 minutes course can be completed in 3 months.

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