7 QC Tools & Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)




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7 QC Tools & Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

“As much as 95 percent of all quality-related problems in the factory can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools.” -Kaoru Ishikawa, The inventor of the Fishbone Diagram

Introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa, the seven basic tools of quality also known as 7 QC tools are very effective in quality management and quality assurance process. So, businesses who want to ensure the competitive and excellent quality of their products and services can utilize the proven 7QC tools for structuring a strategic plan for quality improvement.

The 7QC are as follows:

a)    Cause and Effect Diagram

b)    Control Chart

c)    Pareto Chart

d)    Check Sheet

e)    Histogram

f)     Scatter Diagram

g)    Stratification

These tools help ensure quality improvement through problem-solving, help in analyzing and identifying the root problem during the production process, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction with the product.

The course aims to highlight in detail the 7 QCs mentioned above and their role in the reduction of Cost of Poor Quality, along with defining COPQ, its adverse effects, and prevention.

Course Eligibility:

  • MBAs / engineering graduates
  • Diploma holders having experience in the manufacturing or service sector
  • Shop floor workers of a manufacturing organization
  • Industrial workers from a manufacturing organization
  • Entrepreneurs

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