ISO 17034:2016 General Requirements for The Competence of Reference Material Producers (RMP)




8.30 Hours.




About the Course:

This program is meant for Reference Material Producers to know about standard ISO 17034:2016 “General requirements for the competence of reference material producers”. Reference materials play an important role in measurement process. They are used for method validation, calibration interlaboratory comparisons and quality control.

Reference material producers need to demonstrate the scientific and technical competence to ensure the quality of Reference materials produced.

This program aims to develop a good understanding and interpretation of ISO 17034:2016 from Reference material producer’s angle like how to plan for RM production, steps to follow and requirements for preparing the reference materials. Most of the requirements in this International Standard apply to those evolving areas, especially regarding Characterization and assignment of property value to reference material, assessment of homogeneity and stability results, metrological traceability of reference material and other aspects, as appropriate.

What you will learn:

In this course, the participants (potential / accredited / applicant Reference material producers) will learn about the following components:

  • Introduction, Background and General aspects of Reference material production.
  • Scope, Terms & Definitions, Structural, resource, Technical and production & management requirements of ISO 17034:2016.
  • Interpretation of requirements and implementation of the same in the Reference material Producers Organization
  • Enhance knowledge on the Homogeneity & Stability assessments, Characterization, assignment of values and traceability of reference materials.

Who should attend:

  • Reference material Producers (Accredited /Applicant /Potential)
  • Laboratories
  • Quality Professionals


Benefits of Program:

After completing this program, the participants will be able to understand and appreciate the basic concept of producing Reference material. The participant will acquire knowledge/ understanding about the requirements stipulated in ISO 17034:2016 from Reference material Producer’s viewpoint.  This will enable the RM producers to prepare and implement the system as per ISO 17034:2016. RM Producers will ensure its competence to produce reference material.

Type of examination: It will be a computer-based examination which will include multiple choice questions (MCQ). The said questions will be from the topics covered in the course