Vendor Risk Management( From Due Diligence To Regular Monitoring)

Objectives :  To help participants understand the very crucial step in the vendor selection and ongoing monitoring due diligence phases. The assessment will give you a better understanding of the risk posed by each vendor relationship.

  • Defining extended enterprise risk management (EERM)
  • Defining vendor risk management
  • Importance of vendor risk management
  • Global insights on EERM
  • Typical challenges and factors to be considered for due diligence
  • Vendor monitoring tools and techniques
  • Advantages of effective vendor risk management

Who can Participate:

  • Professionals and college students working in internal auditors, risk management, governance, ethics and third party risk management
  • Plant Heads, functional heads aspiring to streamline Systems and controls
  • Quality, business excellence and corporate personnel driving change

What’s included?

  • Learning materials;
  • Certificate of participation.

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