Science and Art of Decision Making

About the Course:

Decision making is both science and art this session intend to cover  decision-making approaches for effective decision in personal, professional and organizational settings. The course intend to introduce some key element, structure, approached for rational and /or ethical decision making. It intends to give a process for some of approaches which business can follow for risk-based decisions. Topic will cover discussion around psychology, risk management, marketing and economics.

Objective & Key Takeaways:

  • Is decision-making an art or science?
  • The Implications of Personal Preferences on Decision-Making
  • Individual vs group Decision-Leverage diversity and collaboration in decision making
  • Behavioural economics tool for analysis of decision making
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Process vs. the decision itself
  • Decision trees and other tools
  • Predictive modelling and Simulating the future
  • Decision making by business based on Vision, Mission, Goal , plan and strategy, Risk and evaluating option for decision making
  • Some ethical aspect in decision making
  • Reprise – is decision-making an art or science?

Who can Participate:

  • College student sitting for placement or have got campus placement
  • Employees at entry to mid level of profession/ Job
  • Young professional who have set up business including startup
  • Anyone wanting to learn on art and science of Decision making

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