Quality Aspects In Crop Production & Management




6.00 Hours.




About the Course:

Crop production and management deal with growing crops and managing it efficiently. In a country like India, farmers grow various kinds of crops throughout the year. It is evident that the different region is popular for different kinds of crops. For example, farmers in the hilly region grow apples, tea, and similar food items. On the other hand, the Southern part of India is well-known for various kinds of spices. And the Eastern part of India is popular for rice.Sowing different crops need different kinds of treatments ranging from irrigation to use of fertiliser. The entire process is an interdisciplinary. It requires a host preparation and alertness from all stakeholders. After harvesting, a proper storage of grains is necessary. Modern methods of irrigation help farmers in various ways. In the backdrop of increasing input cost, farmers will save their hard earn money. Another important aspect is storage of grains. Ensuring appropriate storage is an important task. If the food grains are to be kept for a longer time, it must be safe from moisture, rats, and microorganisms.

What you will learn:

  • How to select a suitable site for farming 
  • How to manage and prepare soil 
  • What does the irrigation system do
  • Fertiliser and manures
  • Weeding and intercultural process
  • Process of harvesting
  • Various essential terminologies of agriculture

This course is for:

  • Students from agricultural university
  • Extension personnel
  • Professionals who work in the agriculture sector
  • Farmers

Note: This 6 hours course can be completed in 3 months.