Applying Theory of Constraints for a Quantum Jump in Performance


To bring about a clear understanding of Theory of Constraints. How the main purpose is simplify complex cause and effect systems into a simple one with only one leverage point that will cause a quantum jump in performance.

Key take-aways

  • What is Theory of Constraints and it measurements
  • The measurements that drive flow in the system
  • Constraints decide your profitable products.
  • Using simulators to apply concept on the shop floor

About the Program

Introducing Theory of Constraints is very challenging because simply put it helps you focus. Focus at a place which can cause a jump in your performance very quickly. There are set of tools and applications developed using the concept that apply to nearly all types of organisations. But the basic concept remains simple and needs to understood because many a times it is counter intuitive.

During the program we will introduce the three measurements of TOC and how easily they can be used for making day to day shop floor decisions. This is where we move away from the cost world into the throughput world and the webinar shall bring out why these measurements drive flow.

We will learn to quickly identify constraints of an manufacturing organisation for example , and talk about basic tools that one needs to have for taking effective decision.

An exercise will bring out a how an organisation which sees its profit fluctuate or go down identify profitable product be using the constraints. And knowing how to remove quickly a cash constraint.

Theory is good for knowledge and we will test if our understanding can be taken to a near real world production planning and delivery scenario using a simulator. A good understanding of basic behaviour of manufacturing can be analysed through VATI classification and backed up by a practise on the simulator.

This program will introduce the theory of contraints and take you through steps and tools of the concept by using a simulator , so your experience is as close to applying the concept on production shopfloor as possible.

Theory Of Constraints : for a  Quantum Jump in performance

Purpose : To take the working knowledge of Theory of Constraint to a level where it can be applied in a real world manufacturing operation. With a detail explanation of planning and managing tools using Simulators. This course will begin with understanding what are the constraints  that limit the throughput of an organisation and how to exploit them. This begins with explaining how a world class organisation should have a mechanism and measurements that drive a behaviour for constantly improving throughput .

  1. Systems approach to managing operations
  2. Measurements that drive throughput behaviour
  3. How to develop measurements that link into overall company performance?
  4. What to measure ? keep it simple
  5. Types of constraints & how to identify them
  6. Understanding how to manage constraints
  7. Cash Constraint  as an example
  8. The P & Q exercise: Take away
  9. VATI plan analysis and how to manage these plants
  10. Using a production Simulator for testing our learning ( sent a day before for practise)
  11. Digital for better supply chain and operations management using TOC concepts

Faculty : Mr. Shishir Bhardwaj